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Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm a dancer and fiddle player based in Minneapolis, MN. Having recently finished my MA in Ethnochoreology (dance history) at IT Tralee in County Kerry, I'm now back in the States where I've embarked on my latest adventure, teaching 5th grade at the City of Lakes Waldorf School.

 I have some new projects with dance on the horizon, and have been enjoying playing and dancing with Laura MacKenzie and Brass Lassie of late. 


Fiddle Lessons

I offer private lessons in Minneapolis. Contact me for pricing. 

Music and Dance Education

With a Diploma in Traditional Irish Music from UCC, an MA in Dance History, and 15 years of experience in music and dance education, sharing music and dance with others, children and adults, is a real joy. I offer interactive shows and demonstrations for all ages. Contact me for availability. 

Dance Classes

I'm not currently teaching regular, public dance lessons. Keep an eye out here for upcoming workshops, or contact me to inquire about private lessons.
Interested in what styles of dance I specialize in? Learn more here.

Online Lessons

Can't get to the Twin Cities? Try a skype lesson! Your first one is free! 

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About the Dancing

What is Traditional Percussive Dance?
You've probably heard of a few of them, Irish step dancing (like Riverdance), Appalachain clogging, American tap dancing. Well there are lots more! They all share certain features, have shared histories and origins, and they're all forms of dance in which you make music, or percussion, with your feet. 

Depending on the tradition you might wear shoes with metal taps, fiberglass taps, or hard leather soles. 
MODERN IRISH STEP DANCING stems from the dancing master traditions in Ireland (which stem from the Italian, French, and British Dance master traditions which were hugely influential in the development of Ballet and other dance forms). This dance style has been shaped (and continues to change) throughout the twentieth century by the Gaelic Revival, Irish Nationalism, immigration, and competition. This style of dancing has both light and heavy dancing, the former being more balletic and non-percussive, and the later being a percussive dance - also called soft shoe and hard shoe dancing. 

OLD STYLE IRISH STEP DANCING is a product of the many individual dance masters who emerged in Ireland in the nineteenth century. There are specific steps and styles associated with dance masters and cultural regions. This also includes light dancing and percussive dancing, however there tended to be less distinction between the two and many early steps could be considered a combination of both. 

SEAN NOS DANCING is one particular style of percussive dance that is largely associated with the west coast of Ireland and Connemara. While there are set steps, it has an improvised element to it as well and tends to be characterized by a relaxed upper body and arms. 

CAPE BRETON STEP DANCING is the percussive dance tradition in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. This dancing originated in Scotland and was brought to Canada by immigrants. 

More coming soon...