step dance, fiddle, research, choreography, education
Minneapolis born dancer, musician, dance historian, and educator, Danielle Enblom is known for her work as a researcher and ethnochoreologist (dance anthropolgist); performance work that explores and integrates concepts of tradition and innovation; and her work in education, working with adults and children, integrating the study and implementation of intellectual, practical, and creative processes. 

Danielle began studying ballet, modern, and jazz dance at the age of 5. A few years later, she was introduced to Irish music and dance, a close relative to the music and dance of her own French Canadian roots. Danielle was taken in by the local Irish musicians and dancers and quickly became immersed in the local scene,. She grew up playing at Irish sessions weekly, and dancing competitively as an Irish step dancer. While Irish dancing was her primary focus, Danielle continued to study other dance forms throughout her life, including ballet, modern dance, lindy hop, salsa, tap, contact improvisation, and hip hop. Her enduring practice of other styles of dance continues to inform her work and collaborations.

Having studied with dancers from many practices and paradigms, Danielle is most inflienced by her studies with a few dancers in traiditonal Irish dancing, those most notable being Peggy McTeggart in Country Cork a direct component of the nineteenth century Cork dancing masters, and sean-nós, Cormac O'Shea of Dublin and the original Riverdance, and Kieran Jordan of Boston, MA. 

Danielle has collaborated and performed nationally and internationslly with musicians who include Daithi Sproule, Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey, Brian Miller, Norah Rendell, Nathan Gourley, Anna Lethert, Kieran Jordan, Nick Yenson, Ellen Kean, Altan, Paul Brock, Enda Scahill, Manus McGuire, Laura MacKenzie, Sean McComiskey, Josh Dukes, Jane Peck, and Paddy O'Brien (Offally). 

Danielle has lectured, taught, and/or developed educational programs for the O'Shea School of Irish Dance run by Cormac O'Shea (Dublin, Riverdance), Kinsale School of Dance in County Cork, The Tralee Institute of Technology in County Kerry, the Center for Irish Music in St. Paul, Minneapolis Public Schools, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, the Irish Fair of Minnesota, the Minnesota Irish Arts Week, the Linden Hills House of Music in Minneapolis, and the Young Irish Musicians Weekend in St. Paul. She has also taught workshops and given lectures across the United States and in Ireland, and been a presenter for Dance Research Forum Ireland. 

Danielle holds a Diploma in Traditional Irish Music from University College Cork and received a fellowship to complete an MA in Ethnochoreology from the Tralee Institute of Technology. Her masters work focused on historical and cultural paradigms of the dance tradition in County Cork and it's relationship to early European and North American dance traditions. Other awards include an educational fellowship from the Center for German and European Studies at the University of Minnesota, and the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce's Emerging Leader of the Year

Danielle has also worked as a Waldorf teacher, and in museum development and continues to work in creative project management for museums and non-profits.